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    We undertake studies that approach the three aspects of the environment; physical, biotic and anthropic, comprising of an evaluation of impacts human interference can have on the environment. We conceive and develop measures to reduce negative impacts and we design and develop basic environmental programmes. We also participate in the implementation of these measures and programmes.


    Strategic Vision

    The world’s population has a growing clearer perception that the environment has to be exploited rationally, preserving the interests of future generations.

    In facing up to this fact the world is mobilizing in order to find intelligent mechanisms for exploiting natural resources, especially with regards to:

    • » Generating power: one of the most aggressive activities on the environment;
    • » Preserving hydric resources, promoting sewage treatment and the reuse of water;
    • » Conserving soil and vegetation, avoiding desertification and erosion; and
    • » Conceiving more efficient buildings from a resource consumption and waste generation stand point.

    There is a vast field for conceiving environmentally correct ventures which meet the above listed needs.


    Differential Experience

    We have participated on an array of projects, which has provided us with ample experience in this field. We are positioned to support our clients in preserving the environment in the event of new ventures being implanted. We are also mobilised in seeking opportunities to exploit natural resources rationally, especially in the field of generating energy, as is the case in producing ethanol and electric energy from sugar cane.

    We are currently participating in developing environmental studies for ventures such as hydroelectric power plants, small hydro electric power plants and irrigation projects. We are also working on pioneering projects, as is the case with the environmental study of a solid residue processing plant for generating energy.


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