Quality// Quality Management

  • Quality Policy

    Our Quality Policy is to:

    • · Seek effectiveness in our system through continual improvement in technical and management competence of our company and professionals;
    • · Promote the development of quality products; and
    • · Seek to achieve client satisfaction.

    Quality Objectives

    In order to adhere to our Quality Policy we have established the following objectives:

    • 1) To invest in training and development of our staff;
    • 2) To offer safe, comfortable, hygienic working conditions;
    • 3) To make the necessary technical resources available;
    • 4) To absorb technological innovations in our areas of operation;
    • 5) To develop products economically and within the recommended time frames; and
    • 6) To monitor the meeting of clients’ needs and requirements.

    Standards / Goals

    Achieving quality objectives is driven and measured by defining and recording goals to be achieved through executing corporate quality plans and products.

    Projetec, its directorate and staff’s ideal is to meet the challenges of ever increasing competition, which has been established among companies in the market, and to have continual quality improvement as an essential instrument in achieving this objective.


    Continual Improvement

    The Quality Management System – Projetec’s QMS, incorporates the concept of planning via operating a systematic PDCA cycle.

    System operators learn from analysing results of quality plans executed, and based on their continual learning they are then able to propose improvements to be made in the subsequent planning cycle.


    Quality Documents

    All documents in the Quality Management System are standardised and are grouped according to the levels described in the pyramid below:

    The Quality Manual is the most important norms document in the Quality Management System. Quality Procedures regulate activities considered critical for the System’s operation, and instructions complement the suite of regulations. The Quality Registers hold information about the operation of the system.