Highlighted Projects // Concessions and PPPs – Viability Studies

  • Ethanol Production Comparative Viability in the Canal do Sertão Baiano-Pernambucano and the Mid-West of Brazil

    We conducted ethanol production comparative viability studies and electric energy production from sugar cane in the Canal do Sertão Pernambucano and Brazilian Mid-West for a consortium which included Petrobras, Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvão, Toyota Tsucho and Itochu. The studies were done in order to verify the viability of implanting a waterway canal with an outflow of 71.4 m3/s and extending over 100km in length to irrigate 60,000 hectares of sugarcane on the border between Pernambuco and Bahia.

    Projetec participated in elaborating the engineering project for the canal, being hired by Codevasf. The study described was conceived based on the growing demand for green fuels around the world. The study compared the planting and production conditions in the Canal do Sertão and Mid-West regions, with a view to developing the Northeast’s semi-arid region and [compared] the evidence that the expansion of planting sugarcane in this region will have to compete with the most evident option; expansion of the Mid-West agricultural frontier.

    The studies involved:

    • » Revising the engineering and agronomical project concept, including revising the current condition of sugar cane drip ferti-irrigation;
    • » Modeling both businesses involved - producing and distributing water and sugarcane, ethanol and energy production;
    • » Simulating the effect of a public-private partnership on the viability of implanting the project; and
    • » Comparing viability between the Canal do Sertão project and those of farms in the Mid-West.

    Technical and Environmental Study and Basic Project Linking Nossa Senhora Do Ó/Av. Port (Suape)

    The studies done aim to determine the technical and environmental viability of a road link between Avenida Portuária in the Suape Port and Industrial Complex and the Nossa Senhora do Ó district in the Ipojuca municipality. The functional and technical viability of each possible alternative were studied and included geological, hydrological, geotechnical and environmental studies. The studies generated a conceptual project on the technical alternatives for executing this link and included all directives for selecting the best option. On defining the best option, a basic engineering Project for the road was developed which considered earthworks, paving, drainage, civil engineering works, special works of art and public lighting.


    Viability Studies for a Solid Grain Terminal and New Container Terminal at Suape

    The economic-financial viability studies for a Solid Grain Terminal at the Port of Suape currently under development by Projetec aims to optimise the operation and growth of Container handling. As such, we have conducted studies on reducing port costs and improving operational performance in addition to improving the quality of port services. The goal is to implant a highly-competitive facility. These studies have been developed based on evaluations at different levels, encompassing institutional, operational, patrimonial and economic-financial approaches relating to the venture.


    Main Clients

    • » Petrobras
    • » Odebrecht
    • » Queiroz Galvão
    • » Toyota Tsucho e
    • » Itochu