Highlighter Projects // Socio-environmental Management

  • Resettlement of Itaparica

    The resettlement of Itaparica is the largest and most controversial socio-environmental project ever implanted in Brazil. It is the first large resettlement project representing an historical period when the country returned to democracy. It is believed that the São Francisco Hydroelectric Company – CHESF – has invested more than R$1 billion in the project. Itaparica was one of the world’s first resettlement projects that was concerned with opportunities for the effected population to generate income. Twenty years later, CHESF is still involved in meeting demands. Previous to this project CHESF had promoted the resettlement of Sobradinho, which was the subject of a well-known song about a farewell to the towns of Remanso, Casa Nova, Sento Sé and Pilão Arcado.

    Projetec has been involved in this project since its inception. We developed the engineering project and supervised the Apolônio Sales irrigated perimeter works. The local population who benefitted from the project was involved in it from the time it was conceived right up to when the families were moved and operations initiated.

  • Socio-environmental Integrated Management Plan – PIGSA

    The main objective in implementing the Socio-environmental Integrated Management Plan in the Manabí region in Ecuador is to contribute to the sustainable development of the transposed areas, integrating natural resources and human habitat. This area covers six hydric basins and a total of 6,503km².

    Within the area analysed a variety of socio-environmental problems have been found, such as degradation in water quality, vegetal covering and biological diversity, macroscopic plants in addition to errosion of the hillsides. To reverse this situation and on top of efforts to recover and preserve the environment, Project’s actions and studies include involving the population and strengthening institutions through environmental awareness-raising programmes.

  • Portal Amazônico Integrated Sustainable Development Platform – PDISPA

    The Portal Amazônico Integrated Sustainable Development Platform was conceived in order to synergise projects and actions relating to socio-corporate responsibility and socio-environmental integration strategies in the Multimodal Axis Amazonas Norte – IIRSA Norte, Tarapoto, Yurimaguas stretch undertaken by the Norberto Odebrecht Construction Company.

    Located in Peru, this axis is made up of a highway which links the port of Paita on the Pacific coast to the fluvial port of Yurimaguas in the Peruvian Amazon and constitutes the country’s first public-private initiative. The work was undertaken over two years, in two stages. Initially, strategic tools for the works’ socio-environmental responsibility were conceived. The works is a paved highway which crosses a stretch of the first regional environmental conservation unit in the country, in the Escalera mountain range - a thick jungle ecosystem.

    Through a centre to reintroduce species of fauna and to promote the cultivation of organic coffee integrated with the forest, the construction company demonstrated their commitment to environmental preservation in practice in the most critical area of the works. The second stage was to guarantee a lasting legacy by developing a regional development platform, which brought together governmental and civil society institutions as well as financing agents such as CAF, based on sustainability concepts regarding environmental, human, social and productive capital.

    This platform was not limited to a conceptual plan, but translated into concrete initiatives like implementing programmes to support the region’s supply chain, financed with resources from development agencies, and installing a Promoting Development Unit in the main works’ camp. The work on both stages won important awards such as the Prêmio Destaque Odebrecht in the Environmental Category in 2007, and the Prêmio Peru 2021 for social responsibility 2008.


    Main Clients

    • » São Francisco Hydroelectric Company – CHESF
    • » Odebrecht
    • » CRM (Ecuador)
    • » Pernambuco State Federation of Industries – FIEPE