Highlighted Projects // Management

  • Recife Metropolitan Region Hospitals

    Projetec’s management experience is well-illustrated by an important programme to improve Pernambuco state’s public health provision and involves construction of three new hospitals in the Recife metropolitan region. Within the management scope we undertook technical consulting activities necessary for programming, promoting, articulating, supervising, controlling, inspecting and evaluating the management and advisory activities in monitoring the physical and financial progress of the programme.

    Being strategically located close to the main ring roads, these hospitals will redistribute the provision for urgent and emergency health care in Recife’s metropolitan area. The Hospital Metropolitano Norte Miguel Arraes de Alencar (currently under construction), is in the municipality of Paulista, the northern access into the metropolitan area of Recife. The Hospital Metropolitano Sul Dom Hélder Câmara, also under construction, is located in the Cabo de Santo Agostinho municipality and aims to provide care for the Suape Industrial Cluster and patients from the state’s southern coastal areas. The Hospital Metropolitano Oeste (still on the drawing board), will be located between the São Lourenço da Mata and Jaboatão dos Guararapes municipalities.

    The three hospitals will be medium-sized, each with 150 beds for medium and complex medical procedures. The three hospitals with have a joint capacity to meet 270,440 standard and emergency medical appointments and 53,670 hospital admissions per year.

    Managing and implanting the three new hospitals in the Recife Metropolitan Region involves:

    • » Providing support services in selecting sites for the hospitals;
    • » Identifying professionals and teams to develop the projects;
    • » Supporting the Secretariat of Health in preparing edicts as the terms of reference for contracting project developers;
    • » Supporting the Secretariat of Health in conducting the tender process and hiring for the project;
    • » Inspecting elaboration of the projects;
    • » Supporting the Secretariat of Health in hiring builders for construction works;
    • » Inspecting construction works;
    • » Supporting the Secretariat of Health in planning and specifying equipments to be acquired for the hospitals
    • » Controlling and inspecting equipment supply and installation; and
    • » Supporting the initial operation of the hospitals.

    Transnordestina Railway

    The Transnordestina railway is hugely important for Pernambuco, crossing the whole state linking east to west from the Port of Suape to the border with Piauí, passing through municipalities like Ipojuca, Ribeirão, Arcoverde, Serra Talhada, Salgueiro, Parnamirim, Ouricuri and Trindade. In much the same way, the Transnordestina will cut the state in two, from Petrolina to the Ceará border running through the Salgueiro municipality.

    We have been providing technical support for developing engineering projects for the Salgueiro / Parnamirim / Trindade and Parnamirim / Petrolina stretches. For this second stretch we have developed economic, social and financial viability analyses, and studies on sources of funding. The first stretch includes Projetec inspecting work done on expropriating the land. All services rendered have been accompanied by a team of coordinators who guarantee the company’s quality management system is followed.

    It is also worth mentioning that Projetec develops the following services: topography study services; collection and analysis of financial data statistics for elaborating reports on the cost of land, property, harvests and beneficiaries. We also revise the reports of experts for expropriating the Suape/Pesqueira stretch.


    Main Clients

    • » Pernambuco State Department of Roads – DER/PE
    • » Recife and Maceió Urbanism Companies – URB
    • » Governador Eraldo Gueiros Port and Industrial Comples – SUAPE
    • » Secretariat of Tourism - SETUR/PE
    • » Secretariat of Transport - SETRA/PE