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  • New Suape Master Plan

    Suape is today a large port and industrial development cluster in Brazil. Currently under construction are: an oil refinery with a daily capacity of 230,000 barrels, a shipbuilding yard specialised in building large international standard oil tankers, and a petrochemical centre.

    Suape is today a large port and industrial development cluster in Brazil. Currently under construction are: an oil refinery with a daily capacity of 230,000 barrels, a shipbuilding yard specialised in building large international standard oil tankers, and a petrochemical centre.

    » Suape Port Development and Zoning Plan


    Transnordestina Railway

    The Transnordestina railway is hugely important for Pernambuco, crossing the whole state linking east to west from the Port of Suape to the border with Piauí, passing through municipalities like Ipojuca, Ribeirão, Arcoverde, Serra Talhada, Salgueiro, Parnamirim, Ouricuri and Trindade. In much the same way, the Transnordestina will cut the state in two, from Petrolina to the Ceará border running through the Salgueiro municipality.

    We have been providing technical support for developing engineering projects for the Salgueiro / Parnamirim / Trindade and Parnamirim / Petrolina stretches. For this second stretch we have developed economic, social and financial viability analyses, and studies on sources of funding. The first stretch includes Projetec inspecting work done on expropriating the land. All services rendered have been accompanied by a team of coordinators who guarantee the company’s quality management system is followed.

    It is also worth mentioning that Projetec develops the following services: topography study services; collection and analysis of financial data statistics for elaborating reports on the cost of land, property, harvests and beneficiaries. We also revise the reports of experts for expropriating the Suape/Pesqueira stretch.


    Petrolina Port development and Zoning Plan

    Development opportunities coming from implanting an intermodal transport system, to which the Transnordestina railway is integrated, created the need to formulate strategies and tools to plan the use of the Port of Petrolina’s port infrastructure.

    The Development and Zoning Plan Projetec was developed for the Secretariat of Economic Development and is constituted by the instrument that will inform the occupancy of the port’s primary area and its rear area in the coming years. In addition to this role, the plan identifies expansion opportunities for the port and proposes an industrial complex be integrated with the port zone.

    The process by which this plan was formulated involved professionals specialised in engineering and port planning, economic development, urbanism and environmental management and resulted in a planning tool that is perfectly synergized with economic-social development and sustainable environmental concepts.


    Supervision of link roads in the Pontal Project

    We supervised and inspected the road works in paving 53.65km of link roads in the Pontal project in Petrolina, Pernambuco. In addition to effectively accompanying the services undertaken, supervision also encompasses adapting projects.


    Viability studies on road/rail and waterway access to Tatuoca Island

    We developed viability studies for the construction of road and rail access and for dredging the waterway canal for access to the Tatuoca Island located inside the Suape Port compound. The diagnosis developed focuses on benefits in implanting the Atlântico Sul Shipyard and Thermoplastic Resin Factory two important investments for the region.

    Points considered critical for construction works were detailed in the studies undertaken. Such points include a description of Pernambuco’s regional context, local and regional benefits – mainly industrial competitiveness and provision for training, in addition to labour costs. Subsequently, a financial analysis from an investor’s point of view was also produced in which we analysed the costs of implanting and operating the road / rail and waterway access and revenue raised from tariffs originating from use of its infrastructure, and leasing of land.


    Supervising Implantation of Jogging Track and Cycleway on the PE-009 Highway

    We provide supervision services, inspecting and managing construction works and services relating to the installation and pavinf of the jogging track and cycleway along the PE-009, which links the Nossa Senhora do Ó district to Porto de Galinhas beach resort – one of the tourist destinations with most potential in the state of Pernambuco in the Ipojuca municipality.

    The central objective of the activities undertaken is to control costs, deadlines and the quality of products and results obtained. The works done aim to widen and pave the road, improve the geometry, implant three access routes, a cycleway and jogging track as well as hard shoulder and pedestrian pavements on both sides of the road. Additionally, the project sought to meet esthetic needs as do most works undertaken in tourist spots.


    Supervising the paving of highway PE-555

    In elaborating the project to implant and pave 56.5 km of the PE-555 highway stretch Entr. BR-316 (Parnamirim) / Veneza / Urimamã / Entr. BR-122, we conducted a series of studies in a variety of areas such a geotechnical, topography, hydrology, and traffic. From the results of these studies we developed projects relating to geometrics, earthworks, paving, draining, signage, environmental protection, expropriation, complementary works and the redeployment of public utility services.

    After developing the executive engineering project for the highway, between 2002 and 2003 we supervised, controlled and inspected the construction works on the Entr. BR-316 stretch (Parnamirim) / Veneza. In 2008 the contract was renewed for the supervision and inspection of the Urimamã / Entr. BR-122 stretch, a project still currently underway.


    Main Clients

    • » Pernambuco State Department of Roads – DER/PE
    • » Recife Urbanism Company – URB
    • » Governador Eraldo Gueiros Port and Industrial Comples – SUAPE
    • » Secretariat of Tourism - SETUR/PE
    • » Secretariat of Transport - SETRA/PE