Highlighted Projects // Sanitation

  • Atlas Nordeste

    We conducted a diagnosis of the water supply system in all municipalities with populations of over 5,000 inhabitants in the 9 North-eastern states and the northern region of Minas Gerais state. This translated into the analysis of 1,356 municipalities where we projected the demand for water for each municipality up until 2025.

    We utilised advance technologies such as;

    • » Information processing database on water demand and availability and water supply system capacity, running simulations;
    • » Land modelling by means of SRTM 90;
    • » Automatic project software for water pipes;
    • » Standardised projects on pumping station networks.

    Congo Water System

    The Congo Adduct System guarantees water supply to the Sumé municipality and other neighbouring towns in the Paraíba countryside, benefiting approximately 180,900 people. We conducted the executive projects and oversaw execution of works. Four pumping stations were built with a total capacity of 1,802m³/h. Furthermore, two reservoirs, a water treatment works and three substations were built.


    Serra de Santana Adduct System

    The Serra de Santana adduct System is located in the Tenente Laurentino, São Vicente, Lagoa Nova and Bodó municipalities and tends to 110 rural communities and four industrial consumers in Rio Grande do Norte state. With a length of 218km the adduct has an outflow of 306l/s, four treated water stations, six surge tanks and a stand pipe. We were responsible for designing the executive project and supervising the implementation of the building works.


    Main Clients

    • » National Agency of Waters – ANA
    • » Pernambuco, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte state Secretariats of Hydric Resources and Infrastructure