Highlighted Projects // Hydric Resources

  • Hydro-environmental Plan for the Ipojuca and Capibaribe river basins

    Projetec was hired to undertake hydro-environmental planning studies for the river Capibaribe and Ipojuca basins in Pernambuco. The project is extremely important given that both rivers cross the Pernambuco Agreste (semi-arid region), which is the most critical area in Brazil in terms of hydro-resource availability. These basins have the following magnitude: the Capibiaribe has an extension of 240km covering a population of 1,328,361 inhabitants and the Ipojuca is 250km long encompassing 24 municipalities and 568.630.

    Water is therefore a strategic development factor in the Capibaribe and Ipojuca basins and Projetec is mobilized in planning its use in the most rational manner possible. In addition to scarcity, pollution from sewage is also another limiting factor in using the water from these rivers. One of the most awaited products from this study is in defining a range of funding projects which can guarantee the sustainable development of these basins.


    Atlas Nordeste

    Atlas Nordeste is a range of studies into water supply which covers the nine states in the northeast region, the São Francisco, Pardo, Murici rivers and the Jequitinhonha river in Minas Gerais. These studies aim to identify and propose technical alternatives which meet the areas’ urban populations’ current and future demand for water. We have separated them into two large blocs: evaluating the gross supply of water and proposing technical alternatives and engineering solutions for the problems identified.

    The total projected budget for this is approximately R$3.5 billion to cover 1,356 municipalities in the short, mid and long-term. As such, we have elaborated two large groups of solutions from the analysis of the fountainhead and the existent production system. In the first group are proposals to municipalities which have satisfactory water supply systems, in which case the proposed solutions are centered on utilising or improving their systems. In municipalities where the supply system in unsatisfactory we have proposed new solutions such as enlarging, integrating or using new fountainheads.


    Canal do Sertão Pernambucano

    The Canal do Sertão Pernambucano project’s main objective is to promote economic, social and environmental development in the extreme west of Pernambuco. The project foresees high volume and quality hydric resource supply to seventeen municipalities, from Casa Nova in Bahia to Serrita in Pernambuco, passing through towns such as Petrolina, Araripina, Ouricuri, Parnamirim, Cedro and Exu. The total irrigated area measures 139.728ha.

    With a multi-disciplinary team composing of an economist, cartographer, geographer, administrator, civil engineers, agro engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, the project aims to capture approximately 71.4m³/s of water in the Sobradinho reservoir and to distribute it along 577km of canals. The water captured is for a variety of uses, among which worth mentioning are: water supply for humans (urban and rural), irrigated agriculture, agro industry, animal drinking water, livestock breeding (cattle, sheep and goats), aquaculture and mining.


    Chapada do Apodi Hydrogeological Study

    The economic and social development of a region is inherently linked to the way its natural resources are utilised with water being one of the fundamental components. With this principal in mind, we have developed the evaluation of underground hydric resources in the Potiguar basin, which involves the Barreiras, Jandaíra and Açu aquifers in Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará states.

    Through characterizing the aquifers by their geological, hydrogeological, hydrochemical dimensions and levels of vulnerability, we have developed, and continue to develop a data base of wells and have we defined applicable hydraulic standards for the region. By doing so, we have developed a hydric resources shared management model between the states involved.


    Main Clients

    • » National Water Agency – ANA
    • » The Vale do São Francisco and Parnaíba Development Company – CODEVASF
    • » São Francisco Hydroelectric Company – CHESF
    • » State Secretariats of Hydric Resources Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Sergipe and Pernambuco