Highlighted Projects // Environment

  • Environmental Impact Study on the Rio Parnaíba Hydroelectric Plant

    The Brazilian Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources Institute – IBAMA – is increasingly requiring a higher and higher level of detail in hydroelectric environmental studies. Additionally, the implanting of new hydroelectric plants is one of the main focuses of environmental groups.

    The Parnaíba Environmental project involves elaborating Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Impact Reports in the construction of five hydroelectric plants planned for the Parnaíba river in Piauí state and Maranhão state. This project is the largest of its kind currently planned in Brazil for the same river. All together the Uruçuí, Cachoeira, Ribeiro Gonçalves, Castelhano and Estreito hydroelectric plants have an estimated power output of 613MW. Despite being small-scale plants, they will have enough power to solve the power shortage faced by the local population.

    The multi-disciplinary team, made up of twenty professionals from different areas, has conducted studies into the physical, biotic, anthropic environments and has evaluated the environmental impact on each while considering the area’s richness in flora and fauna. As such, we are proposing the necessary mitigating and compensatory measures. Additionally, we have developed a management plan suited to the venture, the entrepreneur and the conception and development of programmes.


    Pontal Norte Environmental Impact Study

    Located in Petrolina in Pernambuco state, the Pontal Norte project seeks to support agricultural and livestock production, guaranteeing and sustaining the development of a very promising region and, contributing to maintaining the population in the countryside. We conducted the impact studies, produced the impact report and proposed a series of mitigating measures and environmental programmes.

    In this proposal there are two Training programmes for Producers which are worth mentioning: Recovering Degraded Areas and Monitoring. If the recommended action to reduce the environmental impact from the Pontal Norte Project now being implanted is followed, the socio-economic benefits will ripple out around the project area, environmentally benefitting the whole state of Pernambuco.


    Main Clients

    • » São Francisco Hydroelectric Company – CHESF
    • » International Finance Corporation - IFC
    • » Vale do São Francisco e do Parnaíba Development Company – CODEVASF
    • » State Agency of Environment and Hydric Resources - CPRH
    • » Queiroz Galvão